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Spreadsheets to HTML Tools

Paste your table from Libre Office Calc, Ms Excel, Google Docs or another spreadsheet here. Please note that you must remove all new line in any cell.

Tips to remove new line:

  1. ctrl+h to open find and replace
  2. what do you type in find what box?
    • press key ctrl+j (Linux, Windows) or ctrl+m (Mac, Windows) : Ms Excel. Maybe this tips doesn’t work in Mac.
    • ^p or ^13 or ^l or ^11: Ms Word. Maybe you can try Web Layout rather than Print Layout.
    • \n : Libre Office Calc and Google Spreadsheet
      turn on regular expression option
  3. a space character in replace with box
  4. click replace all

Paste Your Table from Spreadsheet Here
work well with Wordpress Currentpost plugin

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