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GHTML Theory: a Transformation Towards Relevance

Hmm… GHTML it’s an Gzip HTML? Nope, it isn’t. It’s just a theory based on my experience. It’s a kind of how to make a transformation towards relevance, out of the box but not out of context.

Hi, I’m Basit, IT staff at Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta (UNISA Yogyakarta). I wrote this article to celebrate 31th anniversary of UNISA Yogyakarta. Bahasa Indonesia click here.

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We must know what is our goals and the goals all of where we are belong or related to. We can get information how to achieve that goals in official documents. Mix all information to get a list of what we will do (tranformation) to achieve all goals (relevance).

— GHTML Theory: a Transformation Towards Relevance 2022-06-04 06:30:00


G is Goals. List our goals and goals of all where we are belong or related to. Goals can be found in vision and mission.

For example, UNISA Yogyakarta is an University belong to ‘Aisyiyah/Muhammadiyah and under Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia.

As an University, we have to recognized by International Ranking of University, get National Accreditation, fit National Standard of Higher Education set by Ministry of Education and Culture and so on.


HT is How To. List specification to satisfy the goals.

Each goals have a clear document that describes how to achieve that goals to get high quality with minimum standards. We try to be beyond standards as much as we can.

For example, UNISA Yogyakarta’s goals and how to achieve that goals can be found in university’s statutes and other documents.


M is Mix. Merge some specifications that have strong relationships to create a new specification or more. Add some unrelated specifications that can be mixed as seasoning, for example values, be creative, hit two birds with one stone. Some specifications may not be mixed with others.


L is List. Create tactics and strategies to achieve goals by satisfy the specifications that have been mixed earlier. Use technical instruction if necessary.

Learning by Doing

Maybe our example below can make more clear explanation.

Step G. As you can see, there are four goals to achieve.

Step HT. Backlink and 10 citations per teacher are minimum standard to achieve first goal based on official documents. So on, until last goal.

Step M. Well, backlink do not have specifications that have any strong relationship, but we can add Islamic values as seasoning, let’s add to the list. 10 citations/teacher have strong relationship with 5 citations/teacher, let’s mix it with Islamic values as seasoning, then add the result to the list. Do the same things for 2 journals/teacher and Islamic values.

Step L. We can cooperate with students to increase backlink and triggered by their teachers. We assume that two times of student body is enough. Okay, first, teacher create an article or two for each course that contain integration of science and Quran in university’s web. Second, for each course in each semester, let the teacher give one appointment to the student to write an article to their blog with minimum one link to university’s web. Do the same trick for the rest.

That’s it, thank you for your attention. Apologize that I’m to straight forward. I’m an IT guy after all.

By basit

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